She she heard the humming of GameDay

It had been a good Saturday. Yet, all day she had felt a grand sense of unease. She dredded going to sleep as she knew the ghosts would enter her dreams. They always did this time of year. They walked through her brain and awakened her with anxiety.

She drank red bull after red bull. However, sleep was calling. They were calling her in. Her eyelids drooped. She she heard the humming. She saw the barn. They were waiting for her in there. They sat in the circle of fire and she was drawn in. It was game day.

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  1. Oh September a Signal For me For So Many Days
    That Dark Was Closing In Yes Those Hours oF LiGHT

    Going Away When Commuting in Heavy Traffic 30 Miles
    Both Ways to A Naval Air Station to Work in the Headquarters

    Building There Getting Up at Dark to Go To Work At Least Watching
    The Sunrise Close to the Beach Where the Navy Station is Still Located

    Oh Lord The Long Tired Drive Home Days

    Continuing to Get Shorter And Shorter
    Every Year Since Schooling Seasonal

    Affective Disorder For me
    There Was Always a Vague
    Dread Dear Miriam About September

    to me Falling Moods Getting Darker A Little
    Bit of Relief With Christmas LiGHTS in Shortest
    Days of December Yet Wait! Bright Colorful Screens
    to the Rescue Yet Wait! Dopamine Shots of Smart Phones
    Night and Day Yet Wait! Now i Get to Go out in the Sunshine
    in the Middle of the Day Bare As Furry Bears Will Be No More

    Seasonal Affective
    Disorder For me NoW

    As the Sun As Designed
    By Nature is Enough to Regulate
    Emotions And Integrate Senses With A Free
    Dance And Song in Autotelic Flow of Course

    Shadows on the Barn Late at Night Yet Sunshine
    Rising and Staying In Staycation Within Out of DarK

    Now i Marry the Night
    And Merry The Day

    Yet it Was So Hard
    When i Was Trapped
    in A Cave of a Car and
    Work For So Many Years
    As September Through December
    Darkness Approached So Many Crosses
    One May Carry in Life So Many Ones that
    May Be Dropped in A Golden Age With A U Shaped
    Diagram of Happiness Where Folks Are Happiest When
    Young and Old Sadly the First Line Above Has Been Replaced
    By College Age Students 40 Percent Functionally Depressed And
    60 Percent of College Age Students Functionally Anxious With General

    (And Assessed As
    So Very
    Lonely too)

    Anxiety too
    Yet It’s True With
    So Much Instant Gratification
    And The Disappearance of Human
    Attention Spans to less than 3 Seconds
    As Science Shows on Average Yes Less than
    Gold Fish Attention For Real It is the Nature of the

    Beast of Super Abundance

    One Must (May) Find a Way to Still
    Tow A ‘Cross’ And Lift One Self Up Toward

    LiGHT That is Generated Within and Not Be So Dependent on Technology
    That Aims to Make Human Beings Addicts Without Much Focus to Live at all…


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