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23 hours ago

Yes, 23 hours ago. I want to be sedated. Yes, the Ramones noted twenty-four hours to go, they want to be sedated. My twist is that 23 hours ago, I wanted to be sedated. Yes, get me into my dreams. Good dreams. No weird, Indiana-jones like, lucid dreams. […]

Thinking about it all through the night

Try to sleep. Feel tired. Exhausted. Mind racing. Knees sore. Legs twitchy. Stare at the ceiling. Don’t count sheep. Cannot see them. Think through should-have-been retorts. Laugh at the incredulous. Scene after scene. Thought after thought. Snippets. Looking for the one bright light. Fall asleep sitting. Wake up […]

I need some sleep

I’ve reached the point where I need some sleep. All my life I have been able to get up early and keep going till late. I’m an early bird and don’t think that will change. Or so I believe at the moment. Actually, let me change that. I’m […]

My left eye is wide awake

It’s 4:17am and I am awake. I shouldn’t be. I went to sleep exhausted expecting to sleep through to at least 6:00am. That would be late for me. That would be delightful. But tick tock here I am. I’m wide awake writing to hopefully bring on the sleep. […]