Category: Poetry

Goodnight, good fellow

I let you down You died before my eyes I saw your eyes cry You didn’t understand Why didn’t I hold you? Why didn’t I cusp your face? Why didn’t I touch your hand? I’m ashamed I’m battered I’m adrift Pain killed you Pain kills me Pain inures […]

It’s ok to cry

  Forsaken and desolate, was he While others peripherally watched He sat there all alone Thinking, wondering, contemplating Melancholy permeated his heart His mind vanquished by his thoughts He sat there all alone His head propped up by his shaking hands He felt no shame He felt no […]

Hopefully not now

Two realities Two states of being Fear and wild panic Heart racing Eyes widening Shaking reality off Musn’t think Must forget The time will come Hopefully not now Two realities Two states of being Scared to think Thinking and screaming The void beckons Drawn to the light The […]

What I am Not

  I’m not a monster I’m not a lily I’m not a basket case I’m not going to melt I’m not going to runaway I’m not going to disappear I’m not foolish I’m not unwise I’m not unseasoned I’m not going to live forever I’m not going to […]