Category: Poetry

A void of answers

Abstract, not intact Imagination run amok Contours clashing The meaning of it all hidden A void of answers Could be, may be No set forth truth Left to wonder and wander Ruminate There is a there But the layers are too heavy The gooey center is too thick

Flirting around the edges

They ask But i don’t know My answer is back there somewhere Where am I going? Where do I want to go? I’m flirting around the edges I’m bound, but unbound Moored, but unmoored I have a hint I feel a light spark But an empty void is […]

Words can become jumbled

One can wonder whether it’s possible to run out of words The dictionary, as it exists, has many words to share Yet, a moment of silence erases the words Meaningless, unintelligible Words can become jumbled Yet, words may be all we have The world needs to be remembered […]