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A Haiku In Search of an Oasis

In Search of an Oasis

I read a study recently that talked about how when you are upset or down, you don’t need happy music. What you need, instead, is angry or sad music.  hearing that sadness allows you to empathize and ventilate your own sorrow. It gives own a path in which to emote and mimic.  I didn’t read about what to do when you are happy. Does Pharrell’s Happy cut it when you are actually happy?  For me, happy or sad I kind of like angry music.  I do not know what that says about me. Although I will happily just as well listen to “happy”; especially in the shower.

Anyway, here is a Haiku called In Search of an Oasis. I’m actually happy at the moment. I am happy that I am moving on and that a meeting I just had to sit through didn’t make a dent in my calm and now-happily moving forward armor.

Here’s to a state of being happy angry:

Blood rips the white snow
Salted tears caress blue lips
Confusion devours


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  1. I have found that the best way for me to have a cathartic release of sadness or anger, it has to be in connection with another, non-judgemental and supportive person. I suppose listening to sad music is a similar experience because the music is an expression of the musician’s soul. In this way I as a listener connect emotionally with the musician. Something along the lines of… he knows how I feel and isn’t judging me because he feels the same way.


  2. “Confusion devours” I love that image! Also, maybe it’s time to revise your earworms? I kinda know what you’re thinking now, but I want to know what you’re listening to!


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