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I love to travel, try new foods (both simple and "exotic"), ingest caffeine, and watch political news coverage. Im a big pop culture junkie who isnt afraid to say she loves "In Touch" Magazine! A social marketing expert and psychologist by training who works in the public health field trying to bring a little common sense to it all.
All the world is my television and I like to provide commentary on it.

And, for what?

I was just sitting here laughing, giggling. I was deciding which trips to take. Which membership awards to activate for any one of the trips I want to go. I must admit, I’ve been wanting to go to Greenland for a long time. Now, the rage is to […]

Siri keeps trying to take over

I have a completely annoying, and admittedly, first-world problem. Although, I really dislike that phrase. A lot. But it is what it is. Another phrase I really dislike. Nonetheless, Houston I have a problem. Or rather, Siri we have a problem. One of my favorite television shows is […]