This will go down on your permanent record

Have you ever written down a list of song lines/lyrics that stayed with you for ever and ever? Personally, there’s a really long list. One that keeps me laughing is “this will go down on your permanent record”. I believe I first heard that in a Violent Femmes song. However, I believe many other songs have said similar. I also know that films and television shows have alluded to such an idea.

But, let’s think about this. What permanent record? Honestly, there is no such thing as a permanent record. No one really cares what you did in High School. I’m not too sure those things really follow you. Not much does. Unless, you have a criminal record. That is something different. But this wild idea that little marks from long ago should have an everlasting effect is a bit silly.

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  1. i Haven’t Done Anything
    Illegal Hehe Dear Miriam
    Yet i Surely Don’t LiVE A Life
    Ever Planning
    On Running for
    Any Political Office

    Not Even A Team of ‘Group Think’
    Yet i Will Visit All Teams Seamlessly
    Enough i Guess With Chameleon Colors At Best

    And Goodness Knows Feels Senses What Super Abundance

    YouTube Brings for my Card Catalog Within of Lyrics and Music

    By The Tons Just
    So Much Muse Now
    For Art the Creativity
    With iMaGiNaTioN Just

    Will Not Possibly Run out
    At Least ALiVE NoW WiTH SMiLES Breathing

    A World of Abundance We LiVE iN Super Way
    Unless We Get Trapped at the ‘Bus Stop’ Playing
    ‘Candy Crush’ With No Real ‘Forrest Gump’ Story to Share

    Hehe in
    New York
    Again WitH SMiLes..:)


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