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Note to self: I don’t have parechovirus

These days we hear about many illnesses and diseases. It’s actually a daily barage. There’s news stories on diseases old and new. There are alerts from the health department. There’s social media catching onto something supposedly new. There are television advertisements for medications for diseases you never knew […]

Luck be a lady tonight

I had an extremely long day today. And, that is a vast understatement. Today was a day where I had to be serious and business-oriented yet have a full carafe of a sense of humor to drink from. Today was a lot of jockeying and maneuvering. Today, was […]

The jury duty molasses

Before I dive into today’s experience, I must make a disclaimer. First off, I am not writing any specifics of the jury I am being questioned for. I won’t even say what type of jury (grand jury or trial) nor court level. Nothing. So, nothing to see here […]