Category: Psychology

They saw right through her

  They saw right through her Their look of shame was mortifying She wanted to runaway   She felt dirty She felt quesy She felt devasted by herself   Their eyes pierced her She knew that they knew She had no words   She felt lonely She felt shame She felt […]

Paper mache heart

Fragile Crying in sleep  To the drumbeat  Paper mache heart Empty yearning Glued together parts The thrill of false bonding Unraveling a paper mache heart Hollowed-out oyster Nothing left to spill Fake laughter Sautee the paper mache heart on the grill Nothing real feels real The sky may not really be […]

Police reported ahead 

As a New Yorker, I’m used to scanning ahead. Let me explain myself. I walk everywhere in New York. I walk because I love walking. If you have never walked in New York, do so. Put it on your bucket list of things to do while still on […]

That was the walk of a sad man

The air was humid  The void endless The stairs long The fanfare hollow A charming man On a solo trek Climbing slowly A weighted shoulder A square force Sadly hungry Eating to feed But no savoring Marching up No waving goodbye Just a wonder What wretched thing is […]