Category: Psychology

It came to an end

Yesterday I was all consumed. I was distracted by life. A walked over ten miles. I shopped. I packed up up a large portion of my apartment. I ate. And was merry. As a result of so many distractions, I forgot to write. My huge writing streak came […]

Find your music

To say I’ve had a few hard days would be an understatement. I’ve negotiated a great apartment move which I am happy about. But I need to be out in three days. I’ve had to try to be innovative in a very constrained environment. The demands on me […]

It’s coming

I love Christmas. And, am readily excited for it. I really like Easter. We shall see how both of those turn out this coming year. I also love, really love, Halloween. It is the time of the year to be truly carefree, dress up and beg for candy. […]