The world would right its course

She had just finished watching her favorite television show. She had been left disappointed as their storyline had been quite disjointed. It was as if they had hurriedly put it together with no plan for future episodes. She rose from the couch, wine in hand and started typing […]

Pens in my bath caddy

I will admit I’m a bit anxiety-riddled. And, let’s be clear that’s an understatement. I question my daily decisions. Hope things will turn out ok. But I also very clearly understand that hope can’t be a decision-making factor. My brain feels like it is on fire. My chest […]

Sometimes you don’t get closure

If we were to believe television, we should expect to get closure for all the things that have come to end in our lives. I suppose, more specifically, those things that ended unexpectedly that have left us a bit dumbfounded. However, despite everything television tells us, I’m not […]