Bathing in moonlight

2013-10-08 19.03.23

The future is here

I will give it my all now

Bathing in moonlight


Happy 4th of July!

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      • We don’t celebrate it in Australia but we did have a great day. Due to my health issues, the house had become rundown but I’ve been well for a bit and was able to get some assistance through a local agency and I’ve been heave hoeing stuff out the door for the past couple of months and my husband has ripped up the dying vinyl and polished the floorboards in the kitchen and put in some new cupboards and it has made such a change. Yesterday afternoon, we had friends over. I’d made a raspberry cheesecake (another triumph) and actually managed to get out my antique tea cups and we had “high tea” with the dogs running under the table and trying to ambush the cheesecake. We ended up order pizzas for dinner and had what should be a “normal” Saturday night. We still have a long way to go but at least we’ve got the house to an acceptable level. Hope you had a great day xx Rowena


      • It sounds like a great day. Yum-rasberry cheesecake! thanks for sharing. Oh yes, I know you all don’t celebrate it just wishing you all well 🙂 It has been a bit foggy here in san francisco. 😦

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