Psychologistmimi Store: My words of wisdom

Dear PsychologistMimi fans, readers, friends and new acquaintances:

Based on feedback from you all, I have started a small psychologistmimi store featuring psychologistmimi sayings.  Or as I like to refer to them: my words of wisdom. Said words will highlight my adventures in psychology, the work world, and how to cope with the bizarre elements of everyday life.  It is just meant to be a fun part of the blog after more than five years of being in existence.   I have had a blast sharing my adventures. I also have been lucky in that so many of you have offered grand advice, a virtual shoulder and a sense of having a fellowship out there. Thank you.

im not ok


I will be tinkering with the designs as I learn more and have fun with coming up with wacky and perhaps, at times, insightful bits. As you know, my insights have their ups and downs throughout the years and they may at times be buried deep in the third paragraph. But I digress. As I usually do. Now, if only I could figure out how to digress on t-shirts and mugs and beach towels. Oh my.




You can access the designs at this website:

I welcome your thoughts

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