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The monsters are coming

It seems like the world is on fire. A throbbing fiery red sky above us. Are we already in Armageddon? For some, the answer is yes. And everywhere I turn there are monsters waiting to sharpen their teeth and sink a deep gash onto one. Too pessimistic? I’m […]

Feed me no more lies

Sweet little lies Funny little lies White lies Overstuff the casserole with lies Let the oven overheat with lies Pop, pop, sizzle Bitter melon lies Cherry-covered lies Silly, blatant lies Ooey, goey lies Though, no more lies A ballon of lies Eroding, exploding lies No more lies A […]

Everyone has a story

That’s it. Write ot down. Speak it out loud. You’ve got a story to share and you should. So many people wander around in their own thought bubbles. But break the cycle. Interrupt. Let yourself be heard and known. For everyone has a story to share. Want to […]