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Walking in truth

When you walk in your truth, your shoulders are lifted up. When you set free your truth, a light will find you and shine bright. When you walk in your truth, those who only see from darkened eyes, cannot hold you back. Walking in truth adds a bounce […]

Seven layer cake of evil

Here’s a visual for you. Imagine sitting in a room with a group of people who are not friends but you must chat away with anyway. Internally, you wish you could say a few things that are just bubbling up inside. But you keep quiet for the sake […]

At least you probably lost weight

I have not written about my pet peeves or a particular pet peeve in a while. I’ve vacilitated between being stuck in a mud rut and being aspirational. Sometimes, both simultaneously. Today, I want to be peeved. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is the ridiculous reesponse […]