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Enjoy the silence and listen to yourself

Life is filled with so much noise these days. Street noise. Alexa talking back. Music blaring while watching netflix and working on a strategic document. Dogs barking. Kids playing and crying. The dishwasher shaking. The refrigerator humming. The pipes piping. Phone ringing. Texts dinging. Planes roaring overhead. Noise. […]

What to make of Megxit

The year, nascent as it is, has become one rollercoaster bump after the other. What else besides earthquakes, possible war, airplane crashes happened this week? Well, this is not that huge when compared to these global events. However, it’s an interesting and silly so-called shocking event. Prince Harry […]

Here’s to 2020 vision

I have crappy vision. There I said it. When I was nine years, I started to wear glasses. Or so I think. I know for sure that at 14 years old, I was wearing glasses. And, I hated it. It designated me as a nerd. Or so that’s […]