About Psychologist Mimi

I love to travel, try new foods (both simple and “exotic”), ingest caffeine, drink cocktails (the sweeter and more basil in it the better), and watch political news coverage. I’m a big pop culture junkie who isn’t afraid to say she loves “In Touch” Magazine! I like to find and explore the unique and the weird, including ghosts, goblins and ghouls. These need not just be travel locations but can pertain to the workplace and my Puerto Rican childhood  as well.

I am a social marketing expert  (or so I have been told by the powers that be) and a PhD social psychologist by training who works in the public health field trying to bring a little common sense to it all and thus, I make everyone call me Dr.  Just kidding!  I don’t care much for those type of people (including obnoxious academics).  My life in the non-profit field is ripe for analysis and blog write-ups.  Thus, I often touch upon the wackiness of the workplace, my childhood superstitions and folktales as well as pop culture.

I am a New Yorker, who has lived throughout the United States and abroad,  but my New Yorker wit (AKA snark; bite) and sensibilities always stay with me.

I appreciate the blogging world’s community circle and strive to answer every comment and like; as well as visiting the blog of every follower.

All the world is my television and life is a highway and I like to provide commentary on it. Cheers


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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog….reading a blog post and now this “about” I’m ALL in. We have some things in common and that my friend you makes you incredibly wonderful. Ha! 🙂


  2. I’m in a kerfuffle caused by the doohickey in my mind searching for the dongle on my computer. Now I know I don’t know diddy-squat about L.A. Think I will be coming back and canoodle through your blog investigating why I’m so bumfuzzled about my former American life. The gobbledgook we waddle through as Americans has caused my mind to be absolutely cattywampused. Thanks though, cause now I don’t feel like such a fartlek. Now all we need to do is expose all the Snollygosters in the world, it’s only then that the world will be a much better place. Your blog is quite snarky to say the least.

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  3. Read a couple of posts, I’m going to love your blog! One of my degrees is in Psychology. Although I didn’t take it to the upper levels, I am a psych nerd. I’m a NYC girl displaced in Ohio and miss the snarks; bring ’em on! Warning, I do bite back, lol. It’s nice to meet you and thanks for the twitter follow. I’m setting up a blog of my own, I’ll shoot you a tweet when it’s up. Looking forward to some witty interaction. Have a great week!


  4. OK: I’ll add myself to your Followees. I hate the dentist. I am a male, so I hate a rectal exam more than spreading my legs before the eyes of an OB/GYN proper. I love movies, and appreciate Tom Cruise’s acting, but not his Scientology. I don’t drink: 3 1/2 years sober now; I support Project Semicolon. ; You’ll have to look at my blog for more information and my memoirs. You’ll like what you read. Guarantee. Or money cheerfully refunded! htpps://www.memoriesofatime.blog


  5. Hi, Mimi; very enjoyable blog!
    What kind of dog is Milo?! Such a lovely singing voice 😀 We used to have a pug, and his was similar, though not so polished 🙂


  6. Got stuck reading post after post on your site after you had commented on my “Pride & Prejudice” blog. Am I ever glad that I found you! Love your last sentence on your introduction “The world is my TV etc…” And ‘superstition’! My God, I am a ‘former Pomeranian German girl’ and I could add a few more superstitions to yours! To add to it, I have had premonitions that came true and predicted some happenings when everybody said ‘you are crazy’. It was so frightening that I prayed to God to take this thing whatever it is from me. Now, in my ripe old age, I sometimes wish I had it back!


  7. Hi Mimi! Nice to meet you and thank you very much for visiting my blog. Absolutely enjoyed reading your post on The Art of Squirrel Posing.Lots of interesting contents and subjects that I would need to explore. Perhaps someday we will go ghost hunting and find ghouls and goblins … collaborate and make a series of our own Stranger Things. Do visit me as often as you can on my blog and hope to meet many of your followers too.
    Have a great day XX


  8. Hi Mimi. It was kind of you to ‘like’ my recent political post. I’m told it’s risky for a writer to get controversial. I tend to the opposite view – it’s a writer’s duty to share his or her passionate beliefs in the hope that somewhere, someday, someone will take notice. So it’s good that you did just that!


  9. Hi! thanks for the “like” you gave me today.
    But are you the American person who visits my blog for months?
    I always wonder who is this “someone of the USA” who often read my posts. If you’re not, no problem and I apologize for disturbing. You’ve a great blog, see you!


  10. A New Yorker liking one of my Afrikaans posts! Interesting!
    Now… we do have a distant bond… our very South African son now lives in New York… and to say he loves it may just be the understatement of the decade! His nickname? Sonny Sunshine! 🌞


  11. I really have high respect for you. Your writing style is engaging and your philosophical work is intriguing. You have clearly gained a lot of wisdom and it shows in everything you write. I’m not sensing a lot of egocentrism either, which is refreshing.

    I think very highly of your opinions. Every time you like a post by me, I get a little tiny squirt of endorphins. At the same time, I wonder what I wrote that was good enough to get that like. Kind of like figuring out how I caught lightning in a bottle so I can improve my lightning catching ability.

    I am glad you and yours are happy in New York. It seems to be where you belong.


    • Oh wow! Thank you for your kind note and words of encouragement. I greatly appreciate it.
      Im honored you like my likes of your post. Very meta! 🙂 i am glad to catch up and read your posts- to see and be brought into a different world.
      Cheers and hope things are well


  12. Hadn’t seen you on wordpress for at least 5 years … i’m not very active. But remember that we started bogging on wordpress around the same time in the summer of 2012 … i believe
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to read you again.


  13. On your beeping microwave and your hal2000 Netflix asking you if you’re still here…dave.? Um duh, just like YouTube was cool then the adds… If you don’t acknowledge your presence the advertiser doesn’t make the money. Or they haven’t microwave and all delivered on their promises. They don’t care if you’re happy just that they delivered. But curious you’d think delivered groceries was tech savvy when that’s how general stores began. How Victorian era you got your own. But how old west they came to you. Service means money and thus our millenials bring the old world of lacky delivery boys back. For a few pennies.


  14. I see you are a prolific blogger and I have much to explore here! Thank you for taking time to visit my blog articulation.me – it is much appreciated seeing how busy you are! I look forward to reading more of your blogs. Happy Holidays.


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