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I’d like to talk to myself

Who would you like to talk to soon? I meant to write about this earlier in the day. However, I was a bit tired and unmotivated. This perfectly illustrates why I need to have a conversation with myself. Billy Idol sang about dancing with himself. He noted that: […]

Shotglass nostalgia

Do you have any collections? I love collecting items. Although, lately, I have been getting rid of some items that have needed to go away a while ago. Other things I’ve been moving on are those that sadly need to move on so we can mentally move on. […]

Warm to the touch of mind

How do you feel about cold weather? I am a warm-blooded person. I need heat and warmth. However, please keep humidity away. My hair, most certainly, detests humidity. Waking up to 100-degree Florida summers, for example, is unbearable to the overall well-being of my hair. Which is why […]

Gonna leave this untitled

Much is still unwritten. Many words are listed in the various dictionaries. And, why do we need so many dictionaries? Aren’t words, words? New words are seemingly added each day. Words that were once forbidden – meaning they were not considered to be words such as ain’t, are […]

Abstract it from my chart

Abstract Non-linear Complicated Conundrum Inconclusive Rounded straight lens Too many questions Not enough answers Wait, wait, wait Laughing it off Hiding the pain Abstract it from my chart No clear picture No set rules Shrug Pass it onto the next