If we can learn to suffer, we will suffer less

Apparently, we shouldn’t be afraid to suffer. Suffering is just one state of being. And, we all go through it in different phases and parts of our lives. If we can get through suffering. Embrace its emotional turbulence and ride along with it, the pain will lessen.

That’s all I have to say about that. It’s not easy to embrace suffering. It’s not a state of life we’d like to find ourselves in. But it happens. Sometimes, there’s no escaping such a state of being.

It just is. We just are. We will be.

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  1. ‘TwaS A DarK And Stormy

    Night’ Yet ‘Snoopy’ Continues

    To Write To Change The Stories

    of the Novel

    of His Life

    True It is Not
    Always A Hard

    Life For Dogs

    Who Create

    Joy When the
    Kibbles and Bits

    Go Empty in The Dish….

    Hehe Dear Miriam It’s

    An Odd Mix of Tragedy

    And Comedy At Best This Life
    We Co-Create…


    At Best


    Rather Than
    Driving Us Nuts..:)


  2. I’m reminded of Seth, a channeled entity through Jane Roberts in a series of books. Seth said that emotions, if allowed to do so, run their course and evolve into something else.

    I interpret this to mean that it helps to allow suffering to run its course, without either attempting to block or to wallow in it, but to flow with it, to find out where it takes you.


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