I took the plunge on temu

I readily admit that I have been quite sad and depressing of late. It is life. This year, decided to deal me with a tough hand. I’m strong. I’m resilient.

With that said, I’m going to write about a trivial societal issue. During the Super Bowl, I saw a commercial for a new shopping app called temu. I hate being susceptible to advertisements. I barely paid it any mind.

Yet, a week later, I found myself shopping on this new service that claims you can shop like a celebrity for just $1.99. Yes, indeed, I somehow ended up shopping there at midnight. For the record, one should never shop at midnight.

I ended up on said website and bought three dresses. They were reasonably- beyond reasonably- priced. Now, what I didn’t like is that I do not get the instant gratification that I do with Amazon. I can often, with Amazon, can get next day delivery. That is not the case with Temu. However, I did buy three dresses for less than $50. Now, I have to wait a bit to see the quality of the purchased items.

Sometimes, it does come down to quality overvl speed. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing whether there is another viable shopping experience. Even in grief, there is a need for a new dress or pair of shoes.

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