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No one else can mourn with you

Grief is a lonely journey. Others will offer you compassion. Others will offer a shoulder and hand. Many will say kind words. Many will send condolence notes that are touching. It is lovely and comforting to have well-meaning people around you. However, no one else can truly mourn […]

Taking a bath at 3am

I really love baths. For the past decade, or so, I’ve tried taking a bath every night. It’s my time. My gift to myself. There were times, in the past, when I took baths and answered work calls. Dumb move. Really, dumb move. Anyone will tell you that […]

The reset

A sad song had been helpful. A walk had been of great use. A silly television show such as Big Bang Theory helped her laugh. Now she was going to go to a game where she could scream, boo, cheer on and just let it out. Or so […]