Am I allowed to be snarky?

Can I be obnoxious?

Can I be snide?

Can I be funny?

Can I make jokes?

Can I be ok?

Can I heal and break?

Can I move forward and stay in the present?

Can I add snark to my cereal?

Can I be more than sadness?

Can I gift myself grace?

Can I be angry?

Can I find acceptance?

Can I be me?

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  1. SMiLes Dear Miriam
    my Advice Is Similar
    To The Ice Princess
    ‘Elsa’ From the Disney
    Movie ‘Frozen’
    “LET IT GO”
    Hehe It’s True the Waitress At the iHop Breakfast
    Restaurant Said Her Daughter Saw All 244 Pounds
    Of This Oldish Man Fixing to Reach 63 Years Old on June 6th
    As ‘Elsa’ The Pretty Princess From ‘Frozen’
    Yes Hehe Her Very Young Daughter Said
    i Looked Like ‘Elsa’ From ‘Frozen’ Dancing
    So Gracefully Indeed Like i Was Ice Skating
    On Walmart Newly Renovated Glassy Floors
    It Was Actually One of the Best Compliments i Could
    Have Received As More Often The Way i Moved Before
    i Started Dancing
    Most of my Life
    Was Like A Dizzy
    Fly Lost Inside my
    Head Separated From
    Physical Intelligence
    That is Also Emotional
    Intelligence With All Feelings
    And Senses From Head To Toe
    Yes Let it Go And Be Comfortable
    In Your Mind Body SPiRiT HeART SoUL Whole
    Don’t Repress Any Part All Emotions/Senses are Useful
    For Change in Life Yet of Course in No Way Am i Suggesting
    What You Should Do This is Only What i Did to Reach LoVE iN Peace Now…
    Other Than That Life is A Great Adventure DarK Thru LiGHT All Parts of Us
    Create the
    Whole No
    Part less
    Integral Than Whole..:)


  2. Fully being yourself is a luxury – I hope you get to do it at least for a while.
    For me, I worry about what I’d be like to care for in the nursing home if my filters are gone – I know how bad and snarky and cutting I CAN be, keep it under tight control around other people most of the time. But I worry about how I’ll get along if I lose the ability to control it. I’ve been trying most of my life to be nicer, and it is still a huge struggle.


      • That’s sweet of you – I believe in the principles, and work to make the efforts.

        Maybe that’s all any of us have, but I’ve known some people (my husband’s mother was one) who are just nice. It seems part of them, not a reining in of stray desires. Maybe I never knew her well enough; we didn’t spend that much time together. But I like to think she was just as sweet as she appeared, and FIL was also a nice person but (possibly telling) very sure of how he wanted to do things.

        I think we can CHOOSE to have the good responses – and that doing that as much as possible trains us to some extent. But then find I’m STILL dealing with the same stuff as when I was a child – and my mother was trying to teach me not to ‘let it all out.’ Possibly she overdid it.

        I’m doing the best that I can – but am worried about what happens when something like dementia destroys my ability to choose in that department, and I revert.

        I guess we’ll see.


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