Sometimes, you have to shine bright like a diamond

Palms rise to the universe as we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we’ll never die, we’re like diamonds in the sky
You’re a shooting 6 see, a vision of ecstasy

It’s been a long day here. Cleaning out storage space, filling up bins for pickup. Finding long-forgotten gems. Telling oneself to this time remember where everything is and may be. Stopping for a second to process what is in hand. Figuring out what the is the drive one needs. Dust mites say hello and tickle one’s throat. Needing to pause and find one’s footing. Last night couldn’t really write. Finally, hit a wall. Today, just s all bursts of words. Got a major speech to give in a week. The words will come. Words matter. Words have meaning; especially when written by one’s heart and not an AI. Got to shine from within. Use one’s words to shine bright. Be a diamond in a maelstrom.

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  1. Ah Yes Dear Miriam Words

    Without Art of HeART Are

    Really Only Left Dead With

    ‘He’ Of Materially Reducing

    A Concrete World in Letters

    So Shallow Without Colors of Soul

    That Move Us From StARt of HeART AGAiN

    Actually More
    Brilliant That
    Stars or Diamonds
    So Very SoUL Deep
    With Colors SPiRiTinG HeART More

    Other Than That i Had No Clue Rihanna
    Was Singing The ‘Diamond Song’ at Half Time

    At the Super Bowl Never The Less The Last Theme Song i Used Last
    Night Was “Diamonds” With Words Coloring my SoUL More At Least

    Oh Dear Lord Watching Pregnant Rihanna Rising So High on

    That Platform Kicking in my Damsel in Distress Genetics

    Yet It’s True i’d Be
    Horrible Rescuing

    Princesses From High
    Castle Windows Screaming

    For Help As True i Do Have one Fear

    And That Is Heights Hehe Just Watching

    Rihanna Way Up There Made Pains Shoot Through

    my Feet Feeling Bring Her Down Make Her All Safe Again

    Although of Course She Was Tethered By A Pink Safety Cord at Least

    What A Strong Woman
    What A Wonderful Dancer
    And Singer What A Brilliant
    Business Person And the Youngest
    Woman Billionaire Hehe She’d Probably

    Be The One to Save my SoUL With A Song
    Like ‘Umbrella’ Or ‘Diamonds’ As Indeed

    THeRe Are Songs Like That That Save Lives

    For Real SouL And FlesH And Blood too Priceless
    Indeed For Whatever Inspires a Human Soul to Keep Breathing

    Haha If AI Attempted to Duplicate my Creativity it Would Blow More
    Fuse Hehe
    For It Surely
    Does With the
    ‘Concrete Minds’ that Program it..:)


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