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A tumultuous serenity

A quiet surface A chilled air Low visibility, yet serene Cold but still Frozen yet calm Underneath, a raging beast that wishes to show its face The call of the wild issues its dare Therein awaits a green, mean sheen A bubbling fiery hill And there is no […]

And, then the sun set

Set out on an excursion The east behind me Seeking old wisdom Hoping for a connection The sun rose through the mind fog Destination held and bent Headed back home The sun behind me with a siren whistle Looked in the rearview mirror The sun was there, glistening […]

Healing is messy

Ups and downs The world is sideways Mind aches Feverish tongue Super salty tears Words jumbled Words mumbled Words unheard Words unspoken Brittle bones Brittle nails Bitter tastes Fuzzy sight Fuzzy recollections Anger Sorrow Guilt Brashness Hunger