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Abstract it from my chart

Abstract Non-linear Complicated Conundrum Inconclusive Rounded straight lens Too many questions Not enough answers Wait, wait, wait Laughing it off Hiding the pain Abstract it from my chart No clear picture No set rules Shrug Pass it onto the next

A void of answers

Abstract, not intact Imagination run amok Contours clashing The meaning of it all hidden A void of answers Could be, may be No set forth truth Left to wonder and wander Ruminate There is a there But the layers are too heavy The gooey center is too thick

Flirting around the edges

They ask But i don’t know My answer is back there somewhere Where am I going? Where do I want to go? I’m flirting around the edges I’m bound, but unbound Moored, but unmoored I have a hint I feel a light spark But an empty void is […]

Words can become jumbled

One can wonder whether it’s possible to run out of words The dictionary, as it exists, has many words to share Yet, a moment of silence erases the words Meaningless, unintelligible Words can become jumbled Yet, words may be all we have The world needs to be remembered […]

She went down the dark road

She was lighter than usual She was preoccupied with tiny cuts She was drenched and mired in the tedious That had been a good thing Then arrived the blue devil Her mind was peanuts, donuts, and coconuts And there was the rub and the medius She had wanted […]