Don’t need sleep to dream

Today is a day to dream. It’s a day to take out the old lens and put on bright, shiny, colorful lens. See the world with a new frame. Let the flying unicorns pass on by and smile at the stomping goats. Let good surrealism steep in. Kick out toxic surrrealism where you have to wonder why go through with it all. Put some sprinkles in your morning coffee and go to your happy place in your mind. Walk within a positive daze. You don’t need sleep to dream. Dream big. Dream of the silly. Dream of all the possible new paths.

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  1. It’s A New Dance And Song Now Real
    Every Breath Particularly As i Love
    to Dance And Sing Inhaling Peace
    ExhalinG LoVE For All With Least

    Harm Just Giving Sharing
    Caring Healing Freely For

    What SMiLes Naturally BRinG

    There is No Limit to Perfecting Balance in
    Dance There is No Limit to the Colors of Feelings
    And Senses From Head to Toe That Emotions of Song

    Brings Dear Miriam
    Indeed Dream Time
    New WHere No Time
    Distance Space or
    Matter With

    Things Now

    Actually Exists
    Just The Feelings
    And Senses Within Just
    As We Reach Out and Touch
    New Colors And Absorb Them From Others True

    SoMe How or ANoTHeR We Get Clothed Away From
    The Nature of Soul With Wings SPiRiT HeART Free

    As We Find Our
    Selves More

    Tools We
    Use Than What

    They Were Originally
    Thought to Do Make Humanity
    Easy Yet Sadly TaKinG Our iMaGiNaTioNS
    iN MoVinG CoNNeCTinG Co-Creating Ways

    Naked Enough
    Whole Complete

    Away Meanwhile Wings
    of Sea Gulls Spiral Sun
    Emerald Green Waves
    Flow Over Sugar White
    Sands Creating New Shores
    As Sea Oats Still Breeze so Free

    Nature Reclaims What Is Hers Our
    Opportunity to Remove All the Tools
    And Clothes and Become Human Again

    True That’s the Lesson that Hurricane Ivan Taught
    me Back in 2004 iT WaS A Whole New World Without
    ‘Stuff’ i Wondered One Day if i Could Put Those Wings
    On Naked Enough Whole Complete Forevermore True

    i am No Longer
    ‘The Raven’ Now
    i Am A Sea Gull Free…

    i Actually Have The Power to
    Walk Around my Neighborhood
    Block And Reach Out And Say Hello
    To Every Neighbor Even When A Hurricane
    Hasn’t Ripped The Roof off of Every Home

    My Lord How easy it is to be Human When
    Every Stranger Becomes God And All the Grains
    of Sand That May Hold Up Mountains of Human



    It’s True Now
    my Neighborhood New
    iS A Whole World to Meet

    And Greet Free…

    How ‘i’ Storms
    BRing Reflections
    Of Soul Back to ReaLiTY
    Of Peace And Love Breathing Free..:)


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