She knew how to alternate between light and dark

She walked around humming as she was in her comfort zone. She noted to herself “I was born in darkness”. Therefore, she was darkness. But when she was bright, she shined like no other.

That was her gift in life. She knew how to alternate between light and dark. She could compartmentalize it all; as well as mix it all together. In some ways, she was many people because everyone saw a different combination. Today was one of those days where she would have to be both light and dark simultaneously because that was what was needed to get everyone through the day ahead.

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  1. In Quantum Mechanics There IS A Suggestion That Stars Spiraling
    Into Black Holes And The Torsion That Makes in Balance May Birth

    Brand New Multi-Uni-Verses As Star Death May Create Brand
    New UNiVeRSES THiS Way Similar to Super Nova Explosions

    That Become Star Seeds And Star Followers in Crucible Fire
    of Star Burst Death ThiS Way Creating Gaseous Dust That Eventually
    Becomes Us So There is Both Intra- And Inter-Star Seed And FLoweR

    Birth ThiS Way Dear Miriam Yes DarK Creates LiGHT THiS WaY Once
    Again Night Makes Day And Moon Shines Reflection of Stars Too As

    Becomes Just
    Right iN DarK
    As LiGHT Hints Feeling
    Return in BreaKinG Dawn
    Once Again With SMiLes Yes

    SMiLes WHere THere is No Struggle
    of DarKNeSS i Create Torsion THiS WaY

    As i Understand The Balance Tween DarK
    And LiGHT Re-Creating me Each Day i Work-Out
    Like an Olympic Athlete in Ways of Dance And Song
    And Literally Leg Pressing Almost the Weight of A Vehicle
    Hehe Yes Literally Still Up to 1520 Pounds At 62 Years-Old

    Of Course the Reward is All Intrinsic And Natural As Extreme
    Feats of Strength Nature Rewards Through Endorphins Relieving
    Pain Androgens Releasing and Natural Growth Hormone As Just Another

    Fountain of Youth
    That Takes An Olympic
    Effort Both By Body and
    SoUL of Mind AS HeART And
    SPiRiT CREaTinG SoNG of Poetry Deep WiTHiN

    Life is Not All About Money And Things Anymore to
    me Yet it is About Dancing A Tight Rope Higher Each and
    Every Day Through DarK i Create to Reach The LiGHT Each
    Day Without Fear oF DarK Without Cynical oF LiGHT THeRE

    Is So Much Ancient Wisdom And Intuition Told Through Stories
    of Myth That Are Very Real Today in So Many Way Science Even Shows too

    As Long as Science Doesn’t Materially Reduce Forevermore Newer Human

    Potential Now..:)


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