Tag: dreams

Dreaming of persimmons

  The past week has been a funny bit when it comes to persimmons. And it is such a random thing and such a random fruit.  Everywhere, I have turned, I have come across persimmons. They are such a forgotten, barely understood fruit. Have you ever had one? […]

Dream the monsters away

  To dream a nice dream To walk so there is sleep Sink into the pillow And suffocate through one’s aspirations     Oh to dream and to dream Each waking moment an agony Each sleeping moment an aberration Bringing pure escapist delight       To wash away […]

Wish I had a ukulele 

Many moons ago I learned to play the clarinet. It’s not a bad instrument. It’s great for jazz. But I wasn’t into jazz at that point in time. Plus, I was asthmatic. Blowing into the clarinet left me winded. What had I been thinking? I played it for […]