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Go ahead: Find your joy

Every year I come up with a word that is meant to guide and direct me. Provide me with purpose. This past year, I recycled the word “joy”. And this year (at its halfway mark) has not been particularly joyful. I could go ahead and lament the year […]

Still dreaming of Alaska

I love ttqvel. I love immersinh myself within new norms. I love eating new foods. Travel is learning, catharsis and a precious gift. Not everyone can do it or do it often. Which is why certain television shows are so important. I was rewatching one of Anthony Bourdain’s […]

I need to dream again

I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams. Lucid dreams. Dreams from which I wake up shaken and a bit discombobulated. What did it mean? What am I trying to say to myself? Yes, these dreams mean something. Yet, I am lost as to what it means. But at least […]