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Can’t fall off the floor

The Monday blahs. I didn’t know that existed until I entered the workforce. As a kid, Monday could be cool if you actually looked forward to school and seeing your friends. In college Mondays were hit or miss. As much of everything else at that point in time. […]

Big, small stories of 2021

Look there are certain keywords, names or phrases that dominated the news cycle of 2021: Delta, Omicron, Vaccine, Bezos, Elon, Branson, Capitol riots, Afghanistan, supply chain, and resignation economy. But there were some smaller stories that are in some ways big stories to note. 1. Habitat for Humanity […]

Nothing is perfect

I’m so tired of hearing that you shouldn’t let perfection be the enemy of good. I’m of the belief that perfection is not an obstacle to good. One can reach the “good” stage and keep going. You can’t just be complacent with being good. But that’s just me. […]

What’s your self portrait?

This week has been excruciatingly hard and long and somewhat depressing. I have seen and heard the fear that two other people have in regards to their future and longevity.  I needed a distraction. These days, distractions come in the form of social media, exercise, just watching the […]