No, I am not meant to be an alternate

Well, It came down to the wire but I survived jury duty. Meaning, I wasn’t selected. There were a number of reasons for me to not be selected. Some I can mention. Some I cannot. I’m a psychologist running a healthcare system which sees a lot of different types of injuries and lawsuits. That in itself makes me a “suspect” juror. Yet, I remained till the final end when they were seeking the alternates.

At that point one of the lawyers noted, we should advise them if we didn’t feel comfortable serving as an alternate juror. I had to chuckle and note that in no way I would be a good alternate. I had already rallied the jurors in a myriad of ways. I’m too much of a diva to be an alternate, on the sidelines just meant to be listenining but not opining at the end. That is just not me.

Throughout life, and not just the jury room, I am meant and demand a seat at the table. In the work world and in advocacy spaces, if you’re not at the table you may become part of the menu.

Thus, no alternate here.

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  1. Ah Yes, Not Making ‘The Team’ Dear Miriam
    i Surely Will Relate Always Picked Last for

    The Competing Sports Teams in Grade School

    Not Even Picked to Eat Lunch With In School

    And Lord Knows Eventually That Changed As

    i Never Gave Up

    True Hehe it Took
    Decades and I am Potentially

    Too Strange Still to Even Be
    Considered for Modern Jury Duty

    Particularly For my Political Leanings
    Where i Live i Suppose As Everything
    Around Where i Live Is Mixed With
    Politics And Religion Yet Typically

    When Ya Don’t Fit in At Least

    You Seem to Never Get a

    Notice For Jury Duty Hehe

    True Saving me Money to Buy the
    Kinda Khaki Dress-Up Pants And P0lo
    Work Uniform Shirts i Wore in All my
    5 Job Changes And Promotions Up the
    Ladder of Federal Pay for the Last 5 Years
    of a Quarter of A Century 33 Year Working Career Starting

    At the Very Bottom Again After 3 College Degrees For the

    Next Quarter of A Century Working For Good Old Uncle Sam

    i Never Expect to Win Now and The Rewards Actually Do Keep
    Flowing in Like a River That Has No Idea Where to Go Yet Flow

    True That’s the Forrest Gump Lesson of my Life Be The Feather

    in the Wind

    Be the Wind Just Flow

    And Leave Cat-6 Hurricane Winds Behind
    It’s the Way of Nature Unfettered By Human Clothes…

    Anyway Currently on Hold With the Office of Personal Management
    Been Receiving 40 Percent of my Retirement Pay Since 2009 And
    Automatically it Was Supposed to Go Up on my 62nd Birthday on
    June 6th to 100 Percent Yet Just Like When i Had to Research the
    Federal Law That Made Me Eligible After Several Transfers from Non-
    Appropriated Funds to Appropriated Funds Back in
    2008 With the Worst Pain Known to Humankind
    Including Numb too With 18 Other Medical
    Disorders They Failed to Do Their Job Again
    Not Tagging my Personal File to Do Their
    Job From the Day i Corrected Their

    Mistakes Back in 2008 Yet It’s

    True i Was Raised on Love Not Money
    Power and Status or Any Other Position in Life

    To My Father’s Chagrin i Didn’t Pursue Money Yet
    my Mother Never Ever Said Anything About Life Was
    Power, Position, Status, or Money, or Other Material Goods

    So in Other Words, It’s Another Green Mold Savings Account
    Accruing in Arrears Yep Just Another Alternate Bank Account

    in Case Another Rainy Day Comes And It Did Yet Not in This Panhandle

    of Flowers
    Still Blooming
    Where i Live on
    High Ground True
    Keeping the High Ground Staying Dry With Love

    Hehe i’ve Literally Been on Hold for 45 minutes Yet Now it Seems
    in this World Ya Can’t Hold Folks Responsible For Doing Their Job

    If Only They Had Some Immigrants Still Willing to Work For ‘Free’…
    Funny How the Ones Who Wanna Join The Team And Don’t Get Picked

    Truly Win
    What Really
    Counts in Life Loving Free..:)


  2. I’m too much of a diva to be an alternate, on the sidelines just meant to be listening but not opining at the end. That is just not me. 😉
    It does seem unfair to sit through a whole trial and not be able to participate in the deliberations.


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