What’s a “me” day?

For the past year, I have not really taken a day off. I haven’t taken a vacation. Neither have millions upon millions of people. But we each reach a point where maybe we need a day off.

For the past few months, people have been repeatedly telling me that I need to take a mental health day. Or what they refer to as a “me” day. Here’s the thing. I’m a bit rusty on what constitutes a “me” day.

I feel like people know what I know is a “me” day. They might envision it is a day at the spa. It’s really not my thing. I feel like some think I would enjoy a mani/pedi. Nah. Not for me either. I could just nap. But I’m not a napper. I suppose I can eat and catch up on my favorite shows. But I’m not even that thrilled by that anymore. Television is a bit blah. Are there even good movies out now?

I suppose a “me” day should be a day where I discover myself. What makes me happy? Where am I going?

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  1. Know What You
    Mean Even Though
    i Don’t Get Paid
    Haven’t Taken
    A Day Off
    In 124 Months
    And 9 Days First
    33 Months To
    Escape Hell
    Rest not
    To Go Back
    Doubt i Will
    Ever Take A
    Day off
    In Heaven
    It Doesn’t
    Seem Fair
    God ‘They’
    Say Only Could
    Handle Working
    6 Days
    In A Row
    Guess There’s
    All Room For Improvement
    As A Huge Black Crow
    Is Crowing at
    6:40 AM
    On The
    Most Beautiful
    Spring Day
    i Helped
    Create in
    my Backyard
    While i Worked
    Just Waiting For
    Hell Then In
    Three Places
    It Seems i Picked
    On Earth Where
    All Just
    A Different
    Kinda Staycation
    Location Location
    Never Get A Day Off🎼


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