Brooke Baldwin’s gusty move

I used to watch CNN all the time in the morning. It would help me understand what’s going to happen in the world that day. But then I stopped watching the news. Just stopped.

I did like watching the newscaster Brooke Baldwin on CNN on New Year’s eve. She looked like she was really having fun and being a normal human being. I did occasionally catch her news segments during the day. She seemed earnest.

Then randomly I caught her segment where she announced she was resigning from CNN in a month. She was resigning without a real plan in place. She was going to write a book. Other than that there was no other plan. She was going to go live a new life. Have her next adventure.

Bold. Boldness. Daring to step off the ledge.

Gutsy. Although I’m sure she has a parachute. A partner. Savings.

Gutsy. I want to do this. I may need to do this. A time to fly. A time to jump off the ledge. Isn’t thay the dream of many?

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  1. i Relate to This Well And
    Feel “Brooke Baldwin”
    Was Earnestly Sincere
    In Her News Casting too
    As You Say Correctly
    It Helps To Have
    Savings And A
    Partner Before
    Jumping Off A
    Ledge Yes Quitting
    A Job And Starting A
    New Chapter of A Book
    i Really Felt The Need
    To Save For A Rainy Day
    i Did That And Was Fortunate
    To Keep A Partner With The
    Dream of Spending
    Every Cent And Staying
    In Debt
    i Said NO
    To That
    And YES
    In Some (This)
    Ways my Wife
    Felt Like She
    Was Sleeping With
    A Foe of That American
    Yet that’s
    Where We Differ
    Like Styx i See it As
    “The Big Lie” The “Grand
    Illusion” And “We” Are Still
    Having Within Home
    Wars over
    Trading in
    A Perfect
    For A Brand
    New SUV SuBuRU
    OBTW i Realize You
    Are Not My Psychotherapist
    Or What You Might Call FRiEnD
    Yet Since You
    Are Empathic
    Enough To
    Space And
    OMG Hurricane
    Sally Flooded my
    Home She’s Been
    Off For Over 6 Months
    So Hehe i Am Using Your
    Space For My Space Now
    And Honestly
    You Make
    A Best (Many Others)
    Free Psychotherapist
    HAha As You Usually
    Don’t Talk Back And
    Honestly Don’t Even
    Need To
    Listen to
    me To Do
    An All Free
    NoW Empathic
    Human Service
    Just ALLoWinG me
    Free Space To Breathe
    Really NoW in FlesH And
    Blood other Than Eternally
    Odd NoW As Almost
    A Rule Folks
    Tend To
    Say Even As
    Early As School
    i’M A Nicest Person
    They Ever Met Even if
    i Seem
    Like A Real
    Tarot Card
    0 Fool
    Is 0 Really
    A Number i
    Don’t Think
    So i Just Do
    Anyway There is
    A Small Ripple on
    Our Roof That’s Been
    There Since ‘93 And Two
    Shingle Changes
    I’ve Always Noticed
    It Even Have it
    In Old
    Uh Oh
    My Wife’s Friend
    Noticed it too last
    Week Now We Are
    Having Brand New
    Roof Wars For The
    One Still With A Good
    15 Years Left Like The
    Car And
    me Too if
    To Find
    Out i Really
    Am Only Human
    Anyway When i Fell
    Off The Cliff That Occasionally
    Happens to Tarot Zero Fools
    My Sister Said
    Basically When
    The Hell Are You
    Gonna Start A New
    Chapter of Your
    Life Story Book
    WeLL iT Was Kinda
    A Rhetorical Question
    As That Was The 66 Month
    Part in Hell Apparently She
    Didn’t See At First That The
    Best Selling Fictional
    Book And Leading
    Most Successful
    Part of The Story
    Is The Time
    In Hell
    And Recovering
    Coming Back to
    Tell The Story to
    Surrounding Areas
    Of “The Village” Yawn…
    No Matter Where it’s
    At Or Who The Lead
    Character is
    AS Hero is
    An Oldest
    Old Damn
    True And Tried
    Story Behind
    Every Super Hero
    Movie Fictional or
    Real Other Than That
    i Don’t Need Money
    Statistically Speaking
    My Wife is Likely to
    Live Decades
    I’m Gone
    Just Trying to
    Save Her Retirement
    Fund You Might Be Surprised
    At How
    It Is
    To Even
    Give Heaven
    Away For Free
    The American
    Dream Sucks
    Yet Sadly
    Rules Most
    Souls Lost
    Birds Fly over
    It And Leave
    They Do Behind…
    i Don’t Really Know
    You Yet i Do
    Find Your Loving
    Free Only You Will
    Thanks Always
    For The Free Rental Soul Space
    In New York, NY Psychologist M🎼

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