Six ways how even toxic people can put you on a good path

Let’s face it. Life would be wonderful and less stressful if there were less toxic people in the world. Or perhaps better yet, less toxic people in one’s life.

And, sadly it is not like toxic people beep an alarm to let you know. Sometimes some people may seem to be supportive individuals when suddenly their toxicity juts out of their body like the monster in the movie Alien.

But I am not here to be all doom and gloom. Here are sone ways that toxic people are good for you.

1. They serve as a mirror and remind you of who you supposedly don’t want to be.

2. They are one less individual you have to try to be pleasant to and can save your “pleasantness” reserve for truly deserving people.

3. They sometimes can help you can onto a better life path by showing you where you don’t want to be.

4. They give you a target by which to set your disgust. Put them in a metaphorical disgust bucket and compartmentalize those negative feelings into that spot. Leaving the rest of you to be emotionally free.

5. Learn the toxicity vocabulary and avoid using it.

6. While toxic people focus on negativity and the grass is always better elsewhere, focus on the opposite. Use them as a compass as to where to head to or away from.

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  1. Yeah Know
    What You MEAN
    A Place
    To Resurrect
    Bad News
    On Easter
    Hehe In A
    Only Words
    Rule So Easy
    It Is For me
    Now To
    Slide Through
    Any Dark News
    Continuing To
    Rise As Birth
    Of Real
    Love Life is
    A Poem
    Or Words
    True i For
    One Use Soul🏝😊🎼

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  2. Thanks for the reminder.

    We live in a retirement community and things are mostly fine, but there are a couple of toxic hot spots, and you’ve made me think of how to really put a wall around them instead of having to remind myself frequently not to ‘let it get to me.’ Assign the label ‘toxic’ – minimize contact – don’t expend emotional resources. Got it.


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