She started to sing her siren song 

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Her bags were packed and she was beyond excited for this opportunity of a lifetime. Ever since she was a kid she had dreamt of this moment. She had been so quiet about it all. Although, she had been the best singer in all of the school plays. That she could not hide.
She placed her luggage down at the base. She looked around and started to climb up. She tapped on the shield and the globe opened. She looked back down and her tail picked up her luggage.

She whistled. “I’m home”
She then started to sing her siren song.

Everyone bowed before her and fed her rainbow-colored candy canes. 
She settled into this dimension looking out onto the earth below. She would be their next leader. But first she needed a manicure. Then, she would sing a sweet song of harmony, love and empathy. Everyone would finally be happy and they didn’t even have to take a shiny  pill. 

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  1. Such a beautiful piece… really takes you into the mindset of the character. I loved it… I guess I was taken in by that siren song too…


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