Gosh, I am hungry

I’m famished, hungry, and in search of something good. 
Once a year or so, I tend to get gastritis. I eat out often and can get mild cases of food poisoning. You would think I would learn my lesson. But what lesson? I don’t do buffets. That’s a hot bed of food poisoning. I was my hands. I don’t eat warm food. It needs to be hot. And so forth. I have indeed learned many lessons.

Despite how sage I am, I got a mild case again of food poisoning. I spent from 6am to 3pm, throwing up. Had a fever and a horrific headache. I’m spent. Want to get out of bed but my legs are wobbly. Had about eight spoonfuls of soup before becoming completely repulsed by it. But it was enough to coat my stomach so that I could take painkillers. Slowly, I am on the mend.
This was the first time my adorable Winston saw me ill. He was quite concerned and kept me company for a bit on my bed. Petting a warm puppy can be healing even in a case of food poisoning.

As I slowly mend, my hunger is becoming ferocious. Toast with butter soothes. Although, I long for something tastier. I laugh at this thought and my state of hunger. Just this week, I was told three times I am very hungry. In an entirely different context, mind you. I’m hungry for growth, a new adventure and a clear path. I am famished and in search of something good. My ambition will get me through and hopefully help me shine. 

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