Winston and the decapitated squeaky: Is he the Miranda Priestly of the dogworld?


I have the cutest, sweetest looking doggie there is. He is tiny but mighty; with very sharp teeth. It is amazing to see him tear right into a toy and destroy it within minutes of getting it.   I have to really keep an eye out for my shoes as he seems to fancy many of them.   My son finds this to all be delightful. Every morning they tear down the hall way squeaking and tearing everything in their way.


Each week we try to get a harder and harder to tear toy. He is not stymied in any of his efforts. The latest was a cute weird, long toy.  It had a large round head that squeaked with cute ears and a long body. Within minutes the ears were chewed up and thrown out. It is almost as if Winston is like Meryll Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada.  He could probably easily make his way up the corporate ladder on Wall Street. I don’t imagine him believing that “greed is good.” He actually sits quietly while we eat and barely begs for any scraps. He does not even rush to the garbage when we drop something onto the floor.


After he tore the ears off, he went at it with the body. Soon enough, the body was bruised and torn. Where does this loving dog get all this fierceness? Is he teething?  I actually think his teeth may be itching him.  Thus, he brushes his teeth by chewing his toys apart in a micro-second.   We have bought him a bone on which to chew. He likes his bones for about five minutes, then he goes back to tearing into the toy.


Soon enough, the body is separated from the head.  Oh my. This is a bit like watching Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.   The head just lies on the floor looking up at me.

The next morning, I come down the stairs and there is no head. Just a clear, plastic round squeaky where a head once was wrapped around.  I laughed and just shook my head. This dog rocks and is a bit of an enigma. He is sweet, loving, and playful. He is bitey and sharp. I like being kept on my toes. And Winston manages to do just that. How fabulous is he?  His fabulousness can definitely land him a starring role in film or get him a cool job with a great starting salary in the world of fierceness.


Yes indeed.





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  1. My friends have a Yorkshire Terrier also called Winston and he is exactly as you describe. He actually rapes the fluffy toy animals we give him. Is there any hope?


  2. My eccentric adopted cat Sid is delighted by this and sends his sincere meows to Winston. You know you might have had forethought to name him Winston. From what I know supposedly Winston Churchill always went around with a cigar firmly clamped with his teeth. At times they say not only ashes dropped but the cigar itself having been bitten so fiercely. I love dogs but have always been more a cat person so I am not much into heavy duty doggy toys. I can say that my first cat who was a lovely female chewed the heads off of her little fluffy toys like a monkey. The monkey was her favorite so I always sewed the head back on. I did find something online they do offer heavy duty squeaker toys. Here is a link. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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