For whom the ice tolls



So many thought of her as evil. She was the Ice Queen, afterall. But it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t meant to be like that. She didn’t have the power to turn things into ice and icicles.  They had long ago ceased to have summers and she received all the blame.


Though she had a town moniker, no one knew she was the Ice Queen.   She was a secret villain. Because everyone needs a villain in their lives. And no one knew that it was them that created all this chaos.


© Dale Rogerson

Everytime someone stabbed her in the back. Everytime someone lied to her. Everytime someone threw her under the bus, an icicle grew somewhere. They all froze their hearts to her. They all punctured her heart. All that was left was the cold, brisk, harsh air that they themselves had created.  And they would never change. She was cursed. But they were the ones truly cursed with sorrowful hearts, tongues and minds.


And so the story careful of who you speak ill of….

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