I still wish I had a Ukulele

I was sitting on my couch with a Mai Tai in hand, internet shopping. Then I came across a Tropical Pineapple Ukulele on a website that sells unusual gifts. I got super excited. I wanted it. I want it. Then I thought, I need to write about my need for a ukulele. I needed to dig deeper into why a ukulele was calling out to me. Is it because of the holiday season?  Is it because life has been hard lately and I needed a major happy, silly pick-me-up? Is it because I was craving a pineapple?

As I pondered about why I needed a ukulele and what I wanted to write about my said need, I decided to search my past writings to see if I ever talked about ukuleles before. Lo and behold, I have.   Ten months ago, I wrote about how I wished I had a ukulele.  I specifically, noted that while I had been exercising I had kept hearing a ukelele. I had specfically been listening to “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.  What a sweet song.  I can’t listen to it often. Maybe once a year.  But your soul can feel uplifted when you listen to it.   The song reminds me of my mom and her big dreams for her daughters.


Today, I am not too sure why I want a ukulele. But, considering that I have no wished for it twice in the same year, I must really want it. Obviously, dreaming of playing a ukulele symbolizes a desire to have a simpler, less complicted life. But I don’t even know if such a thing can ever really exist anymore.

As I searched for whether I can teach myself to play a ukulele, I came across one of the most surreal bits on youtube. There are several people who play the song California Dreaming on the ukulele. I think it is perfect for this point in my life. I am now even more convinced that I need to have a ukulele. It’s whimsy will surely be welcomed in my life. I believe that my son would love to give it a try as well. We can become a new singing ukulele sensation. We can get matching ugly Christmas sweaters and set up shop at Hollywood and Vine. We can hang with Elvis, Marilyn, and the Wonder Woman. If I were to lay a hat on the ground I wonder how much money we could raise.  We could then go spend it all and then some at the nearby Dave and Buster’s.


Yes, all of the above goes completely contrary to the vibe of a ukulele.   But it is a crazy, contrary, and cranky world at the moment. A little ukulele can perhaps go a long way towards making things a little less cranky.   Or perhaps it would have the complete opposite effect and people will throw tomatoes at us. Here’s my thought. It is Hollywood. There’s much zannier song acts out there. Now, I just need my ukulele.

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  1. Fate as it happens, handed me a ukulele, just yesterday. I smiled when my Husband opened his Secret Santa gift at a Christmas Function, I thought what a strange gift, but it did make me smile. In a topsy turvy world full of sadness a smile is a treasured gift. So sure why not buy yourself one? Now I need to learn how to play it, or at least just photograph it! 🙂


  2. You should definitely try to learn how to play it! Never too late to learn a new skill.
    I didn’t know much about ukelele’s until I heard the mother’s rendition of ‘La Vien Rose’ on How I Met Your Mother. It’s a simple touch and accompaniment to music and I think I quite ukele’s after the song.


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