He’s tiny but with sharp teeth: That’s my tenacious fur baby

When I first adopted my fur baby Winston, he was a bit raggedy, quiet and mellow. In two weeks time, he became less mellow. In a month’s time he was wll groomed and his pretty face shined through. In two month’s time, he is no longer quiet. Apparently, he does know how to and can bark.   This is partly why I love bringing home a shelter dog. There is a slow metamorphosis where they become more comfortable with their new forever home and grow into themselves knowing we fully accept them.


He is a 16-pound hound and I am a bit protective of him.   There is a large German Shepard dog around the corner that is quite fierce. At least to me. To my fur baby, this large dog is just like any other dog. He tries to play with him and when it appears the dog won’t play he raises his voice at him. Winston demands attention.   But that scares me and I try to get him to stay away from the big boys. However, Winston will have none of it. At times, he reminds me of the Snowball character in the movie the Secret Lives of Pets. You know, the white bunny, who serves as the fierce leader of the flushed pets.

I relish the idea of my fur baby being a leader out there. He may be 16 pounds but its all gravitas.  What I do find to also be hilarious is that he is 16 pounds with tiny teeth, yet those teeth can cut through anything. In the span of six hours he completely ripped apart two new toys. Ripped them to shreds. We keep buying tougher and harder to rip toys. Yet, it makes no difference. How does this little creature just manage to tear into things?


I often use the term tiny but mighty for many business endeavors. Yet, it seems to be most appropriate for my fur baby. Being just 16 pounds is not about to hold him back. Got to love that. I am actually quite inpired by it. I admire my dog for his tenacity.   My wallet, well, that is a whole other matter.  But, we can all learn a lesson from little Winston. Nothing, not even his size, is going to hold him back.

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  1. I’m very happy for you, Mimi. About 1 1/2 yr ago we also adopted a (16 lb!) dog—our first adoptee ever. We called him Tucker, and he, like Winston, in his brilliantly unique and loving way, does what a dog does best: saves our lives every single day 🙂


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