Should I be Aquaman or Batman for my next business meeting?

I have to admit that, at times, when I look at my work calendar I get a little bored and despondent. Or rather, I anticipate boredom. Is there nothing more tedious than weekly set meetings that occur week after week at the same time and place with same agenda? Same bat time. Same bat channel. If only, these were Batman-led (or at least included) meetings.  Can I put up a bat signal for that?
I’ve been thinking that we should all dress up as our favorite superheroes and be in the role at the meeting. I always like the idea of being Batman because, in my eyes, he is the darkest. And being dark, gloomy and a curmudgeon is right up my alley.  I want to sit in the middle of the table and try to maintain a totally serious, dire look on my face for three hours. Then I want to pull out all sorts of high-tech gadgets whenever anybody counters me. Just because. And of course I would have Alfred at my back and call and have him actually listen to all the minutiae. 
If not Batman, then I would probably be Aquaman just because that would probably be the most ridiculous in an office meeting. I would laugh for days on end. What would Aquaman bring to an office meeting? What did he bring to any superhero gathering besides great looks and a healthy body?  He’s a goody, wholesome guy. Which is great for Little House on the Prairie. But how do you help save the world when you are too nice? To save others you have had to have lost a part of yourself. Ask Batman. Of course, if you know the back stories, Aquaman did suffer loss. His mother died as a baby but he didn’t really know her. And then he went on to a grand discovery: Atlantis. Now, I could live in Atlantis. It seems totally cool and dreamy. And he can control the fishes. Now that power I would live to have as I am more and more allergic to fish as I get older. I would love to tell them to stay away and to not be caught and fried for my team members’ lunch. I could come in dressed up as a pirate Aquaman just for fun.
I, of course, kid about all this. I would never have an Alfred attend my dreary meetings.  That’s torture and that just reserved for the bad guys and Superman. Nor would I dress up like Aquaman. Just would not be a good look for me. I must admit i am looking forward to the new and improved Aquaman who will be tall, dark and brooding. Kind of like the Batman of the seas. 
All this, again, was in jest. My larger point is that meetings can be boring, routine and tedious. Are we at our most creative or collaborative in meetings? Especially ones that repeat week after week. I think we need to have a meeting revolution. I’m starting by having walking meetings. We shall see how does go. At least, even if not creative, I can at least remain fit. We could even try to have meetings while hiking, dancing, or parachuting. Weddings have taken place up in the air. Why not a meeting? Go ahead and mix it up. Even come as your favorite super hero. As long as you don’t go as Darth Vader. I once had a staff person do that and it didn’t end well. Not at all…

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  1. I think dressing up as a Super Hero is a really cool idea, but I would nix the meetings altogether and just hang out as Super Heroes, by the water cooler. You would probably get more accomplished.


  2. Have a meeting on “Why we have Meetings”.
    On the agenda first up:- “Why is a meeting necessary?”.
    Form a sub-committee to review the matter.
    Have it passed by the willing participants.
    Go home!
    Now that’s a meeting Mimi, and as productive as they will ever get.
    The only bigger waste of time outside the boredom of a meeting, is actually holding a meeting of sub-committee.


  3. One of the reasons I love your blog, besides the fact that you always make me think, is that you also make me chuckle. I had a very difficult week culminating in having to put my darling pug Sparky down on Friday, and it was heartbreaking. So this made me smile and laugh for the first time in days. Thank you, and do report back about the choice you make in costumes. 🙂


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