From above there is love, from below you are a loser

Living in a major metropolitan, urban area affords you many luxuries. You have 24 hour urgent cares and grocery stores-whichever way your stomach is bending at 3am.  You have diversity of people allowing you, if you are willing, to learn about cultures outside of your own. You have shops and restaurants galore. You have a multitude of signage to dizzy your head. You have protests of all kinds. There are all sorts of lost and found items to make you wonder and pause. And it is in that vein that I write today.


The other morning we were going about our daily household duties when we noticed something outside our window. We are 18 floors up so this was odd. It was a set of Valentine’s day balloons. How sweet. Although, did someone lose them? Then, how sad. When we lose a balloon we watch it fly far away from us. It distances itself from us to perhaps never be seen again. But on that day, I believe many of us saw the heartwarming flying object after another had lost sight of it. We were tagged into a display of love. Even if commercial it was still nice to take that sight in.

I stared at the balloons with glee and then had to snap a photograph because it was a lovely moment. Every morning I take a picture of the sunrise. Some more glorious than others. But all fantastic just because they existed.
I took a step back and thought of a completely different display I came across a week or so back.

On the ground on which we happily stepped were tons of stickers that said “losers”.  I quickly frowned when I saw them. What was the intent? I had to ponder it further and, of course, snapped a photograph to remind me later on. I still don’t get it. Was a joke a prank to play on someone? Was it anger to be displayed? Was it a weird self-flagellation? Whatever the intent, it was sad. There are most definitely times, when we have to remind people that they are acting like losers. But to carry en masse hundreds of such signs…
I’ll take the lost balloon for a fleeting second.

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  1. Hopefully “Losers” is the name of a band or something. It would be pretty awful if someone was just spreading that kind of sentiment. The balloon had to be cool though…pleasant surprise!


  2. Maybe it is all love. Funny, I was working on this today – seeing the love in everything (even people who put loser stickers on the ground 🙂 ) You must be from NY, btw. I used to live there & this seems very New York! Many blessings, Mimi. Hope your weekend is lovely. ~Debbie


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