Category: Humor

Just another NYC day

Take a stroll. Ride the subway. Get on the ferry. Hail a cab. Bike the narrow lanes. Whatever mode it may be that you travel through New York, you are bound to be entertained in some way. Every New York city sidewalk holds the potential of providing a […]

Where’s your funny bone?

Shiny happy people. The college rock band REM sang about them a few decades ago. Supposedly, there were “Shiny happy people holding handsShiny happy people laughing.” But as Paula Cole once asked where’d all the cowboys go, I ask where’d all the happy people go? Seriously! I like […]

Dinner parties with the haters

A long time ago I used to love throwing dinner parties. I enjoyed cooking “non-traditional” dishes and having people just sit and chat at a small table. One time I went through with a dinner even though a hurricane had just ripped through the neighborhood a few hours […]