I’ve got some bad news: nah, you really don’t

I have found myself identifying a lot of pet peeves lately. I looked at them all recently and flinched, wondering if I am a curmudgeon. Yes, I am a curmudgeon. Usually a funny one, I believe. But I was wondering if I was becoming one of “those” curmudgeons. I’m happy, empathic Mimi. I have to remember that side as well. Thus, today, I will dial it back and not focus on any of my pet peeves.
As a matter of fact, I will focus on the opposite. By the way, what is the opposite of a pet peeve?  Because I think I have a good one.  Hmmm
I was just combing through some old emails when I started chuckling to myself. I came across a series of emails where a person I didn’t very much care for was trying desperately to arrange a meeting with me. I was desperately trying to accommodate as I had an inkling as to what they wanted to talk about.  We were finally able to schedule said meeting and I waited in anticipation.
Finally, the moment came about. 
He knocked on my door and he entirely somberly with an envelope in hand. I tried my best acting impersonation of someone not waiting to rejoice at any second. I did my usual small talk and asked him what was going on. He then proceeded to state “well, I’ve got some bad news..” For a second my eyes truly widened for I feared that this was not going the way I had hoped. I feared he had some actual work bad news such as we lost a grant, or someone had fallen severely ill. My mind goes to bad places sometimes. 
And then he continued. “Well, I’ve got some bad news…I’ve decided to move on and hand in my resignation.” Oh, boy was I grateful it truly wasn’t bad news. I was ecstatic and beyond overjoyed. 
Then I got a little miffed. I thought briefly about his arrogance at thinking that his departure would be bad news. It truly was in line with his overall attitude and why I considered his resignation a gift to me.  I snapped out of being slightly miffed and did my best Meryll Streep impression (a fellow Vassar alum might I add). I put a pout on my face and shook my head from side to side and uttered my sincerest thanks for his service and my best wishes going forward. Thereafter, I immediately started planning a departure celebration with myself. I think I bought several pairs of shoes as well.
But doesn’t it just kill you when people start off a conversation or sentence with “I’ve got bad news for you” and it totally isn’t? Its only bad news because their egos dictate that it be.  When he gave me this so-called bad news I wanted to tell him him “bless your heart, it really isn’t.” But I let him leave ego-intact.  
Now that I’ve written this all, I am wondering if this actually classifies as a pet peeve. When I started this ditty I could have sworn it was the complete opposite. But now, oh well. It was fabulous news and I’m sticking with that being the opposite of a pet peeve.  Its my perception and perception is truth ….

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