From Reisling Wednesdays to endless wordy Wednesdays

Once upon a time, in a land 3000 miles away, in a time of mild-mannered resistance there used to be a weekly celebration. Back in the day, there was Reisling Wednesdays. Permit me to wax nostalgic and explain.


I am not a huge wine fan. When I drink red wine, I tend to get a sinus headache. Plus, I don’t like my alcoholic drinks warm. Thus, I tend to prefer white wine. When I was in Austria, I couldn’t get enough of their Reislings. Sweet and cold and yummy. You know why else I love Reislings? Well, the New York Times noted it best: Reislings exhibit a wide range of different personalities. Now,  while Reislings are often sweet (which is my general preference), Austrian Reislings are often dry. Go figure. No, really. No, Im being sarcastic. Austrians are no joke. While I loved the the country’s architecture, desserts and wine, I was a bit taken back by how rigid and non-rigid things were. I can’t even begin to explain other than saying that the ticket lines at the zoo in Vienna were complete chaos while Austrians expected protesters to march within the lines designated for pedestrians and to not spill over into the bike lanes. I kid you not.


Anyway, after my trip to Austria I came back with a great appreciation for Reislings. And while I had that great appreciation, I also had a great distaste for some workplace dynamics at the time. What’s a girl to do? Well, of course -Institute Reisling Wednesdays. On said afternoon, out came the Reisling bottles and a few like-minded indivdiuals came together and enjoyed a moment of pseudo European bliss. There are workplaces out there that actually have beer cart Thursdays. I hate beer. enough said on that one.


Now fast forward many years and 3,000 miles and here I am with no Reisling Wednesday. That’s ok. I am trying to cut back on my caloric intake. But what drives me crazy is that wednesdays have become endless wordy Wednesdays. There are varying studies out there that note a wide range of the average number of words a person says a day. Almost all agree that women say a lot more words than men. It has been claimed previously that women speak about 20,000 words a day – about 13,000 more than the average man. However, both men and women average about 500-700 words of actual value. Yikes. That’s disturbing and disappointing on many levels. But I am not touching that here today. Well, maybe.


I feel like that, on Wednesdays for me now, I must speak about 30,000 words and listen to 100,000 words of which maybe only 700 are of actual value. How did life get so full of words?  I will tell you how: non-stop meetings. Which is why I want to either dress up as Batman or Aquaman at a future meeting. I want to see if dressing up as a superhero will help create moments of silence.



If I am Batman I can just sit there looking sullen and say “Because I’m Batman.” End of story. That would be pretty cool.


But in all seriousness, wednesdays have become a day where I just speak and hear non-stop words. Yet, on social media there are such things as wordless wednesdays. How is that possible?   Can I use photographs or drawings to just note my answers in a meeting and be done? Can my facial expression convey what I am thinking so that I don’t have to speak?  But even wordless Wednesday photos on social media require a written word or two or six. I sort of miss the cowboy of yore that barely spoke and let his actions speak loudly.


Question is how many words will be spoken today?  How many will be of actual value?

Grab a Reisling, chill and take it all in.



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  1. Riesling Wednesday sounds delightful. The problem with words these days are that words are a way to convey information, and in this day and age, there is so much information being hurled at us that we don’t even know what is important and what is not. This leads to people misprioritizing (yeah, I made that word up) which causes people’s lives to become an absolute mess. We need to get away from all of this information and find a way to process what we really need. Maybe a break with a bottle might just do the trick!


  2. Mimi……………………………………………


  3. I don’t know that I need 500 i love you’s or I’m greats… or whatever butter of the moment is spread upon me. but i sure do like me some gwerztrameiner… or hint, the hex is still on in that I’m cursably odd. thank you for visiting me.


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