It’s all peachy Mr Freud

It’s all peachy It is all a dream. A soft peachy dream of floating creatures that mesmerize one into a deep, deep sleep. To sit and stare off into the void flittering away one’s sorrows. A softened scream swallowed by the calm waters’ sweep. What is on your […]

Little boys getting shafted

Recently there was a headline that there are now more young women in college than young men. Many cheered noting how women are starting to get their due recognition and advancements. I, for one, am a woman who benefited from an increased focus on young girls’ scholastic advancement. […]

My 80s superstars no more

Years after college I would go out clubbing,  often at places that played ’80s music. It was fun,  silly and high-spirited namely because the songs were just for dancing (mostly badly) with no real no societal insight. Although I readily danced to it, I must admit I hated […]