My laptop’s pink screen of death

I knew my laptop was dying. I was extremely aware of it. It couldn’t stay charged. It took forever to open up documents. It purred. Like an evil kitty kat. I knew it was on its way out. Yet, I kept it going. I wouldn’t give up on it. It rather, I was to lazy to find its replacement. Maybe I thought it would suddenly fix itself. That it would will its way back to health. Or maybe I thought a computer fairy godmother would wand it all better.

Whatever it was, I was not mentally ready to get a new computer. And, when I did I completely messed up the order. I purchased a new laptop with no embedded camera. Who does that? And, how can a laptop even exist now without a camera. Sigh. Big sigh. What a mess. Finally, I let someone else order my new laptop. I’ve yet to return the old new one. And I continue to use the laptop that’s on its last bit as I await the arrival of my new, new laptop. That is if it hasn’t been stolen from the package room. This is entirely possible and a story for another time.

While I await all these things to occur, I’m still trying to use my old laptop which keeps giving me a pink screen of death. I appreciate seeing that to a black screen of death. I’m glad my laptop knows me so well to offer me a pink screen. Softens the loss, for sure

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  1. I guess we get attach to old things, even if now day things are made to be replace in four or five years, some people change every year, I guess they are the type who divorce a the drop of a hat.
    But a pink screen before giving up the ghost, that’s a new one for me.
    Good luck with your new replacement, Mimi. 🙂


  2. Ah What A Valentine’s
    Treat A Pink Screen
    Of Death Instead


    Black And

    Blue Wow
    i Sure Hope
    i Feel The

    i Give



    Too Shining
    Pink HeARTS
    More Than

    Stars In
    Skies Sweet
    Lap-Top And
    Desk-Top Heaven



    Even Sun Or Moon

    Unless A JPeG As such👨‍💻


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