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Why do I have to ask?

I’m the type of person who finds many things obvious and has high expectations of others that they too will see the obvious. Apparently, I don’t tolerate fools very well. So be it. What really gets to me is when I am forced to ask about whats going […]

I am because of them

The warriors The nurturers The tough love group The haters The envious The believers The skeptics The warm smilers The angry mob The tone deaf The amplifiers The hand holders The shoulder givers The ones with faith I am because of them

Where is home toto?

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.   First off, I need to vent that I do not have a dog. Thus, Toto, in this piece, is completely metaphorical. Lack of dog aside, I’m feeling […]

My 80s superstars no more

Years after college I would go out clubbing,  often at places that played ’80s music. It was fun,  silly and high-spirited namely because the songs were just for dancing (mostly badly) with no real no societal insight. Although I readily danced to it, I must admit I hated […]

Binding the brain to desire

Aching teeth arching forward Gnashing another sugary cane The pain reverberates The longing is stronger Wanting the bad despite knowing what’s good Need a reason to swim shoreward Erase the sodded footprints from the plains The brain barrier will perforate Till it is no longer Wanting the bad […]