She was in a zone of heightened alert and couldn’t simmer down

Under or over? She wondered if people truly cared about stuff like. Which way to place the toilet roll. Of all the things in the world to worry about.

But she did have to worry about so many things that she felt she was drowning. Hence, her thoughts on toilet paper were a silly, mundane distraction. Right now nothing was easy. Not that everything was hard. It’s just that many things caused her brows to furrow and her heart to palpitate wildly. She was in a zone of heightened alert and couldn’t simmer down.

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  1. ‘Heightened Alert’ True i See that Now And Then

    As i Had to Research The Issue of Under or Over

    For T.P. Installation With My

    Wife And She

    Got Very Very

    Specific Listing

    A Gun Fast Bullet

    List as to Why the Toilet
    Paper Must Always Be on

    Top to Unroll When Installed

    i told Her i never Really Thought

    About it And She Said No Wonder

    You Haven’t Installed it in 31 Years

    Yes Like The Washing Machine

    And The Dish Washing

    Machine And

    All the

    Rest of Just

    How Useless as

    A House Husband i am…

    Anyway i understand the Installation
    of T.P. Greater Now For Future Reference hehe…
    It’s True my Wife Insists That no One Does it Better

    Than Her And i am Just not Good Enough to Be in HER Kitchen… etc…

    i Simply Say
    Yes Dear You
    Are the Best

    As Always

    i Will Stay

    Clear of Your Territory as Apprised…
    i Get the Seat in Front of ‘This Desk’…
    ‘Cubicle Home’ Smallest ‘Man Cave’ Indeed..;)


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