The psychology of being covid vaccinated

There’s this thing going around for the past year. A pandemic, as a matter of fact. You may have heard of it. It’s often referred to as covid-19 or just covid. We’ve sheltered in place. We’ve eaten out in the cold. We’ve developed a healthy love of delivery. Some of us double-mask. In the beginning I would wear my N95 mask all day to the point of being faint. I work in healthcare so I made sure to be protected. But even I got tired.

But I was skeptical of the vaccines. I was even frightened as I am one of those people who always carries an epi-pen. But I got vaccinated because I’m tired. Now here’s the deal. Not many people have yet been able to get vaccinated. It’s not a great process. I could deeply into such a topic but will refrain from doing so. I’m grateful to being able to get vaccinated. It makes going into the clinic slightly less frightening.

But here is the bit. Even while vaccinated we still have to wear masks, social distance and act skeptically. The other day a man stopped me from getting into the elevator with him, telling me “too bad”. Almost gleefully. I was outraged. I wanted to tell him that I was vaccinated. But does that even matter? How cruel to throw it in his face. He was a jerk. But how do we differentiate ourselves? Do we even need to?

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  1. Hi Mimi,
    It’s been awhile. I live about an hour North of Sydney and so I’ve been spared the horrible death tolls and infection rates seen overseas, and being a little regional here, we’ve been even better off.
    I think people tend to see medicine as being able to solve all sorts of conditions, and it’s only once we’ve been through a few of these, they we realize medicine doesn’t have all the answers and is an imperfect science. I think our response to covid will improve but for the time being weren’t having to make do with multiple ways of protecting ourselves, and that doesn’t include going back to how it was. Well, not for now. Some of us find that easier to accept than others. For me, it’s about suppressing the rights of the individual for the common good, because we are on a war footing. It’s just a different kind of war, and we each need to do our bit.
    It’s easier for me to stand back, as I’m not needing to work and I do research and writing from home, although I would like to return to paid work.
    I am waiting to see how the vaccine roll out goes overseas, before I get jabbed myself. I’m quite happy not to be the first in line, and expect to get the jab. Indeed, it even feels quite historic.
    I hope you’re keeping well.
    Best wishes,


  2. I identify with this. Getting vaccinated is a great act of self care. I applaud you for taking that step because in the long run it’s going to make a difference. Enough vaccinations will lower the curve! Thank you for this post.


  3. Unmasked
    Not Unlike
    Trump Just
    Another Human
    MeME No
    Revelation Need…
    At Least For Those
    With Eyes And Ears To
    See More Than
    A “Majorie
    Human Tree TheMe”
    iT Ain’t The Apple
    Tree That’s The
    For Rotten
    Fruit on Halloween
    Year ‘Round For
    A Fake Orange
    GReaTesT PumPKiN
    Gehenna 5th Avenue
    Ride With A Book
    “To Serve Human”
    That’s Really
    A CookBook
    For Rotting
    Apple Pies…
    Don’t Eat
    The Pie!
    Coming Free
    Still With Orange Kool-Aid🤑🤮


  4. Some people turn everything into a “I win and sucks to be you.” contest. It is how they keep their ego going. I get a lot of that.
    I am looking forward to getting vaccinated as soon as the fools running the program get their act together. It is as if it never occurred to them to figure out how they will deliver vaccines until after it was developed. Everyone will blame the Trump administration (which did screw things up) for all the state and local screw-ups. Waiting for federal guidance is a fig leaf rather than a pair of pants as a few states are still doing the best they can.
    Los Angeles canceled a major vaccination event because of anti-vax protesters who should all have simply been moved back from the scene and – if they violated the law – arrested.


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