I don’t want to look at you

Lately, I’ve been in a bit of an irritated state of mind. I jokingly called it 27 days ago my vaccine rage state of mind. And, yes this means I get my second dose tomorrow. Lord knows what my mood will be like. It’s not the vaccine. Let me just clarify that. I was making a joke to ease those around me. If I can externalize my irritable mood to a vaccine people feel better. They ease up on their own state of guilt wondering if they did something foolish to irritate me. I should clarify for the them, that indeed they did irritate me. But that will come later.

I haven’t talked of my pet peeves in a while and we are now fully into the new year. I must address a new pet peeve of mine.

Lately, there’s been one phrase in particular that has been especially irritating. While sitting and talking with a few people, I have found a few who emphatically insist as they are making a point that I need to look at them. This is occuring in business meetings of sorts. These people want an eye audience for their repeated point. We heard you the first and second time. Who are these people who outright demand to be looked at? You then look at them and you think “so what?”

I just want to state in the moment to just let me be. I will process the information as is best for me. You can’t force people to process information in the manner you would like. That is not how to win over people. So, says my vaccine brain.

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  1. SMiles Often
    A “Little Man And
    Or Woman Trump
    Napoleon Syndrome”
    Wanna Be’s Two
    Captains Of A Military
    Installation i Had No
    Choice Yet to Deal With
    First One Early on When
    i Worked Handing Out
    Shoes At A Military Bowling
    Center Little Short Captain
    His Name Was Captain
    Dick His Nickname
    As So-Called Superior
    His Underlings spoke
    Of Was Little Captain Dick…
    When He Wasn’t Around…
    He Came in And Said He
    Wanted A Lane For His
    Family And i Said Sure
    i’ll Put You on the Waiting
    List And Then He Said
    Don’t You Know Who i Am
    i Am I’m The God Damned
    Captain i Can Have
    Your Job
    Well No He
    Couldn’t As He
    Didn’t Realize i Was
    A GS-5 Employee Protected
    By A Union So i Did Not
    Have to Submit to His
    Majesty Trump Demand
    Later When i Was Athletic
    Director We Had A Similar
    Female Captain Who i Worked
    With in The Same Building
    Who Came in Screaming
    Like The Wicked Sea Witch
    Of The West All Window Blinds
    Must Be Turned One Way
    And She Turned Off The
    Heat In The Winter to Try
    To Win An Energy Award
    In Her Drive to Become
    Admiral Public Works
    Humanely Brought
    A Space Heater into
    My Office And She
    In Yelling
    At Me How Dare
    i Bring One in Yeah
    Bosses Using Government
    Money To Buy Themselves
    Things Expecting Their
    Family Members To Use
    Facilities Privileged
    Free Even An
    XO that Lent Out
    Government Generators
    To Her Friends Otherwise
    Dedicated For Emergency Use
    There’s Always Someone
    Wanting to Be
    The only
    God In The
    Room Reminds
    Me of Church too
    And All The Priestly
    Brown Nosing of Trump
    i Witnessed in 4 Years
    Making Excellent Dark
    Muse For Poetry True
    Like Claiming Authority
    From God That God
    Says Vote For Trump
    No Different Than The
    Nicene Council in 325 AD
    That Made A Little Brown
    Humble Teacher Into A Sun God
    Man For Empires to Be Ruled
    As Yes The Same Way The
    Priest Was Still Using The
    Story of A Man Who
    The Last
    And Meek
    Of All Giving
    For Giving Thanks
    Giving Love Within
    Yes i Actually
    Read The Poetry
    Of ‘The Book’
    Yet Nope
    Not Everyone
    Has The Faculty
    To Understand Metaphor
    And Usually No
    One Interprets it
    The Same indeed
    The Danger of Making
    One Poem God Molded
    Endlessly For Selfish Rule
    Ah Freedom Of Expression
    The Difference Between
    Worlds Ruled
    By God Men
    And Rules
    Led By Humanity’s Kindness…
    The Tradition of Human
    Demagogues Just
    Of The Overall
    Human Story Not
    Everyone Shares Kindness
    All Yet
    Love Still Breathes
    And Hope Still SMiLes
    As Long As Faith
    In Kindness
    Happy SunDay…
    The Earth Since
    6.6.60 Ain’t Gonna
    Lie There
    Are Some
    Days That
    Make It
    Harder to
    Be Humble Than Others

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  2. Excellent point about letting people process.

    I think it’s called ‘lack of a theory of mind’ when someone is incapable of understanding that other people see the world differently.

    Good luck with the vaccine.

    Husband and I got our second dose last Thursday. My arm is still sore, and red at the spot, and painful if I push – so I don’t push!

    We (in our 70s) had a day or so of reactions, not serious enough to do anything much, but uncomfortable, as did a lot of people here at our retirement community who had their second shot, and then it has been basically fine.

    But be prepared in case it needs you to rest or take an antipyretic the next day – I was a little (extra) grumpy.

    Also note: the dictionary in WordPress can’t handle antipyretic. That’s the correct spelling. It wanted to change it to ‘antipathetic’ (which made me giggle). The dictionary in WordPress also can’t handle WordPress.

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  3. My limited experience is that “look me in the eyes when I am talking to you” is something said by someone who is scolding you. Or at least some absolute authority requiring detailed obedience, like a demanding parent. My instinctive reaction is to tell them to shove it.

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