A dream is reality check

I have been having extremely lucid dreams as of late. Apparently so have millions of others around the world. We are all dreaming of new frontiers, the past or of things we wish to come. We may be dreaming of our fears. We may be dreaming of that which we wish to avoid.

A dream serves, can serve, as a reality check. What are we doing? How are we doing it? And, why are we doing it?

I’ve had a recurring dream for which I need no help interpreting. And, it startles me in its rawness. It guts me. I know what I need to do. My dream state is trying to kick me into high gear.

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  1. I love these photos of graffiti art you have up. I always took pics of street art on my travels, but most of the world was on the other-side of a dirty bus window, so few came out.


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