Warm to the touch of mind

How do you feel about cold weather?

I am a warm-blooded person. I need heat and warmth. However, please keep humidity away. My hair, most certainly, detests humidity. Waking up to 100-degree Florida summers, for example, is unbearable to the overall well-being of my hair. Which is why I don’t live in that state. I honestly don’t understand how people keep their hair neatly combed in humid states.

My need for warmth, however, doesn’t revolve just around temperature. I prefer a warm group setting where people can be themselves and laugh at themselves. I prefer a warm, inviting collaborative group of people who are not constantly on guard as to what they can say and who they can be. Warmth can be a comforting blanket that allows for creativity and productivity. It would be great to leave icy relations behind and instead be vulnerable and warm to the touch of mind.

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  1. Sad that we can no longer just relax and let our hair down. Too much walking on eggshells for fear of breaking some invisible taboo. Being neither woke nor being MAGA, I risk offending everyone.


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