I’m going on a celebration tour

What sacrifices have you made in life?

This will be short and to the point. Hopefully, there will be no digressions. I have made a lot of sacrifices in life to move on out of poverty and to help family and friends.

Recently, I almost made a bad mistake where I would have had to make sacrifices for a group of people who would not have appreciated it. My son saw this even before I did. I am so lucky to have such a perceptive teenager who noted that at this point in time, I needed to focus on my family and my health.

Because I avoided such a bad move where I would have made sacrifices possibly detrimental to my peace of mind, I am going to go on a celebratory tour. I plan to go back to my goal of being adventurous this year. I will celebrate my freedom from a bad decision by enjoying new environments and joyous moments.

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  1. As Memorial Day Approaches in the United States

    We Surely Stand Upon The Bones of Many Who

    Have Made That Ultimate Sacrifice For the

    Freedoms We Enjoy

    Now Personally

    i Refuse to Make

    Any More Sacrifices

    That Get in the Way of That
    Freedom As Far As What ‘They’
    Say This World is That is Not For me

    Glad to see You Refusing to Make a Sacrifice

    That Might Other Wise Harm Your Health Dear Miriam…

    Currently Disgusted to See How Easily Folks Are Willing

    To Sacrifice the Most Vulnerable Among Us For Political

    Power And

    To Suck Up

    to the Ignorance
    of Real Fools Those

    Who Gave Their Lives
    Do Not Deserve This Treatment Now

    At Least if We Remember LoVE iN Peace For All..:)


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