Just have scars, and the moments go on

Have you ever broken a bone?

Whenever someone asks a question such as “Have you ever broken a bone,” I flinch. Why, you ask? Simple. The second I answer it, I feel like I’m jinxing myself. I’m a very superstitious person, and in answering “no” to such a question, I inevitably have to knock on wood. Often, I may not have ready access to a piece of wood, I just tap my head jokingly.

Now, surprisingly, I have yet to break a bone (knock on wood) considering my high level of clumsiness. I have fallen down a set of stairs several times. Just have a scar. I have tripped and fallen in the middle of crossing a busy New York street. My knees still have the scars. I have fallen off of a treadmill. Just have scars. And, the moments go on. The story of my life in a way. Fall, get scarred, and move on.

Here’s wishing me luck as I write this while on the elliptical.

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  1. I have quite a collection of old scars. Some were surgical, some were accidental, and some were beyond my control as a young child. All were painful at the time, but many were worth it. They all have a story, and each of those stories helped make me who I am. Some have faded with age, and others are still clear. There are obvious physical scars. There are subtle psychological scars.
    I do not hide my scars. They tell part of the story of my life. Only the dead do not scar.


  2. SMiLes Dear Miriam The Only Broken Bone

    my Right Middle Finger Long Ago When i Am

    A Small Child Ouch!!!! in A Huge Oak Door The

    Way They Made ’em at the Turn of the Century

    Last Century in ‘Shot-Gun’ Homes

    on the DownTown River Banks

    To Ever Last

    On Stones

    Elevating Them
    For Minimal Floods

    True Stone’s Throw
    From the Railroad Trestle

    Really Didn’t Matter Which

    Side AS Humanity is Humanity to

    me Fortunately i Haven’t Had to

    Use that Middle Finger at Least

    Not in A Negative Sense Gotta

    Save it For Writing Never

    Even Got my Hands

    Close to Any

    Big Teeth

    And Jaws After that
    Although i Did See ‘Roy Scheider’
    Tanning At the Holiday Inn During the


    of ‘Jaws 2’ at
    Navarre Beach

    at 16 the ‘1st Jaws’
    Movie the Very First
    Real Violent Movie i Was
    Exposed to then So Many

    Scars Yep Scars We Don’t Even Need Indeed…

    Anyway Here i Go Again Just Electronically Publishing
    Another Bi-Monthly EPiC Long Form Poem at 61,512 Words

    And In Tandem About 16 Thousand Words or So Already into the
    Next Effort

    No Scars
    Just More
    “Wu Wei”Play
    of Effortless Ease

    FRiEnDS With Gravity

    Butcher’s Blade Still
    Not Dull Yet Dear Lord

    i Did Change Out my 11 Month
    Old Athletic Shoes for All the Public Dance

    And Barren




    Here i
    Go Again Hehe..:)


  3. I knocked on wood for you too. I feel like your description fits me to a t. Until this last decade, even will all my clumsiness, I had never broken a bone. I can no longer claim that sadly. I am knocking on more wood as I say this 😀 Best journeys!


  4. I’m not superstitious at all, yet I cringe when people “brag” about never breaking a bone! Not like informing us, like you just did, with caution, but flat out bragging bother me big time!
    A week before my 17th birthday, I had fallen off a flight of stairs and had a giant bruise on my leg. I was taking a bath, and my mom walked into the bathroom (totally normal in Europe 😂) so I stick out my leg and show her my bruise, and I literally bragged about having strong bones and never have broken one!
    The very next day, I was in a car crash and almost broke every bone in my body!! I feel like I jinxed myself…

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